I was raised in a very small Austrian town that is surrounded by mountains and forests. Being the only child in the neighbourhood,
I soon discovered my deep connection with strange things. Be it the spooky old cat-lady next door, baby frogs in the forest, invisible pigs in the cellar, and much more, I found myself bonding with entities and fantasies.


During Art School, where I studied silkscreen printing and textile design, I discovered that many strange creatures live in my
imagination. And since then, my first aim has been to get these creatures out of my head and into real life. I do this through
sculptures, performances, installations and drawings. 


I am creating my own imaginary world, think of me as an escape artist. I am sharing this world with you and i invite you to escape reality and join me. You can visit or move in with me, i will try and make your stay enjoyable. And from now on you are my best imaginary friend.

The Gang

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Dreamer- Forgetful- cries for no reason
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Claudia Six

Queen of World SIX - Escape Artist  - Seeker of true inner peace
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Lima TheWau

Love of my life - Unforgotten - Inspiration forever


Theatre Puppets


Character Design