Please, meet Lulu. I found Lulu (back then she wasn’t Lulu though, she was just a naked old puppet. Plus creepy. A naked, creepy, old puppet) on a very bad day, bad for me because i was moody and hungover, big times. I went by bus to go into the city and there it was, a garage sale. I didn’t even know that there are things like this in Vienna but there it was for real; a garage full of things (like packed to the ceiling) and a naked, creepy, old puppet standing in the corner. I had to go back and get her. Surprisingly enough the sale was super nice, a father and daughter sale and they both were nice. (Doesn’t happen too often in Vienna) The creepy old puppet was cheap and the whole sale was gone when i came back from the city center. Almost like it never had been there at all.

Involved Skills

Character Design