For a Puppet Theatre Festival in Vienna i was asked if i would like to exhibit some work of mine. Instead of only showing my work i decided to make something more interactive and came up with the idea for the Character Photo Booth. It was an installation that was also sort of a performance. We would have a concierge standing outside the Booth where people could register for a slot. Also the concierge gave a short briefing on how to behave inside the booth, because inside George was waiting to make a picture with the people. So they weren't allowed to talk, or move fast or make loud noises because this would disturb George. Inside the booth was also an assistant who was translating (without words) what George wanted the people to do and who gave the props and made the pictures. It was such an amazing experience to be so close with the people and to see their reaction having to be still and sitting next to George. The feedback was wonderful and i really have the feeling that we created a magical experience. (Special Thanks here to my incredible husband who put lots of heart into this project and also to the best Concierge in the world. Without their committment it wouldn't have been possible) We have been taking almost 100 pictures, this is only a small selection. I don't want to call it a "Best of" because they are all wonderful.

Involved Skills

Character Design