Listen to her in conversation with the deceased, see your future spread out before you, face your worst fears and nightmares! Palmistry ° seances° Council in love affairs ° protective amulets against evil spirits and worldly misfortune Witness this ancient mystical power! Visit Mama Fortuna!

Involved Skills

Character Design



IMG_1336-2 IMG_1327-2 haus gesicht futter freunde fortu zwei baum


Mama Fortuna is an ancient and wise, mystical creature who only leaves her home (no one knows where it is exactly) once in a hundred years. In my installation you can go and meet her. But before having the possibility to finally stand in front of her, you have to walk through her forest world and solve some riddles. Mama Fortuna herself is an “one on one” performance and I am building a life size puppet, and creating the forest world with different creatures living in it. And there is one of the very rare pictures of Mama Fortuna herself. That one time when i visited her in the forest, together with my brave dog and sidekick Limathewau.


Mama Fortuna – Fortunes told from Claudia Six on Vimeo.