Month: September 2015

‘Hefurðu séð Huldufólk?’


I want to write a quick post about my inspiration for TheVolk. If you read my website carefully you’ve already found a little paragraph about them and the story behind them. But today i discovered an article about the hidden people in rekjavik which is so good, that i want to share some of the…

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kindness and pigs


I think the topic says it all. Those two words work perfectly together. First of all, pigs are one of the kindest animals. (Hell yes!  Smarter and even more social than dogs. And we all know how much we love our dogs and how connected we feel to them) Secondly, they need people who preach…

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I’m giving away my little wild bear. I love him very, very much, so i think my heart is going to break when he is gone. Now i am looking for a VERY good home and maybe you could be the lucky one! If you want him (and i know you do!) you can either…

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Finsterwald and Zelda


After the last post, where i really put myself more out there, i will hide behind my art again in this one. I am working on the new puppet theatre show “Hänsel, Gretel, Finsterwald” right now and the puppets are in the making (almost homestretch) Rehearsals start today and i am very excited. We took…

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Sometimes, you simply have to DO IT. Like right now. I am thinking of what to write in my blog for too long now. So many things have happened, so many ideas in my head. So i decided to just sit down and do it! Write it. I think what really kept me from writing…

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