Month: January 2016

Part II – One Way Street


I am back from my first adventure in my imaginary world. I walked through the door, brave and bold, and discovered the Street behind. If you missed the first step towards my imaginary world, read about it HERE. But before i tell you what i found behind the door i want to talk about those…

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Part I – Welcome to my world


Today is an orientation day. For me as well as for you. (my imaginary friend) If you have no idea what this blog is about, start at the beginning, which means HERE. I started my journey from a small corner of my world, one that i know very well already, a place that i really…

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My imaginary (?) world


I have to confess that i am a challenge type of girl. I love challenges. And i don’t mean the daily life challenges (eventhough they would be enough from time to time). But i am talking about all these online challenges flooding the www around January. I have about four running and by the end…

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New Year – Do you!


Not much more to say this time. I am wishing you all a wonderful and sweet 2016! I am just finishing my Bullet Journal for 2016. If you want to make one yourself (highly recommended) go to either Bohoberry, a very nice blog or to the original Bullet Journal Webiste. Here are some blurry pictures…

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