Month: July 2020

Connective dreaming


On my social media accounts i am asking you about dreams (after i have been asking about fear for a very long time and i can’t thank you enough for sharing your fear with me) With dreams i mean everything, the day dreaming, the night dreaming. Dreams you had as child, dreams that are haunting…

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Insert “with fear”


I moved my “fear diary” into this journal section. I’d advice you to read from the bottom up. 23.12.2019 Today i packed all my things and moved out of the gallery. The official ending of the installation. I am so thankful about everything. Most of all thankful for all of you who shared your fears,…

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The name alone sounds promising and so my expectations were really high when we were driving there. It was a super long drive there, so just to warn you; if you plan on driving directly from Gaansbai to Wilderness, be sure to have a lot of fun music with you and/or a person you love…

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