Sept. 22/2021


Movie Star

Since i never made it to Hollywood, at least my puppet creation are trying. It's not Hollywood yet though. But for an austrian Movie Project i created a lifesized joint puppet together with the silicone artist Maria Grün. The puppet is the imaginary version of Alma Mahler, lover of Oskar Kokoschka.

It was a long project actually because at first Covid put everything on a one years break. After that we slowly started working on this puppet who was super tricky because she needed to be movable but not too movable. And realistic but also artistic.

We needed a lot of coffe meetings to figure things out.

The puppet itself also needed reassuring pep talks with friends.

goes Hollywood

We were confused from time to time. But eventually got there...

Oh and the movie will be in Cinemas in 2022. That's all i know. The director is Dieter Berner and i will also add a random link that i found about the movie HERE.