Jul. 26/2022

BEauTIuL BIzaRrE ^°

Hi, I am Claudia, and I am afraid of people.

I am beyond flattered that i was invited to talk about me and my work for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. I adore that magazine since forever and being featured in it makes me HaApPy!!!!

HERE is the link if you want to read it. And you should. Read it.

It's about me and my imaginary friends, about dreams vs. memories about people and about fear.

Hi, I am Claudia, and sometimes I am full of hope.

A friend of mine once said that I am weaving my own universe, and I have the feeling that’s exactly what’s happening. I am slowly weaving away, adding layer over layer of different little movies, pictures and performances until it is one colossal monster on its own.