Jul. 09/2016

Blind Flight Characters

Blind Flight

Until i figured out where my blog journey will lead us (and i already have a lot of ideas, be ready for them!) i will try to entertain (or bore) you with my life and work. The real life and the real work (well, to be fair, my imaginary world is my real work too)

If you are a loyal follower of my blog (like my mother), you already know that i am part of an art collective called THE EGGPLANT COLLECTIVE. We are a group of character designers, living and creating all over the world. We met each other at Pictoplasma Academy, where we were the proud first class, ever! (btw. you can apply for the Academy now, open call until July 15th).

In this collective we work monthly themes. This year we have an overall theme: Remixes. Remixes of popular characters. As i had a lot to do in the first half of this crazy year ( exploring my imaginary world, hosting Mama Fortuna, sleeping, eating, watching TV shows) i was super behind this year, so i decided to go with one concept for all the characters. I went with drawing them with my eyes closed. I once saw an inspiring video of a blind man who made drawings of things he only knew from touching them. It is, sounds strange but is reality, super fun to watch (his youtube channel is over all quite entertaining). Go and watch the video HERE. It’s really worth watching. And while you are at it, also watch “sculpting objects based on how i think they look” .

Inspired by him i decided to draw the characters with my eyes closed, using his trick to stay orientated while drawing. I then made soft sculptures of the drawings (eyes open :)). Here are the results.