Jul. 17/2020

Connective Dreaming


On my social media accounts i am asking you about dreams (after i have been asking about fear for a very long time and i can’t thank you enough for sharing your fear with me)

With me

With dreams i mean everything, the day dreaming, the night dreaming. Dreams you had as child, dreams that are haunting you, dreams that you can’t get enough of. I am looking for the connection in all our dreams. I found that we basically all share the same fear. We give it different names but in a way we are connected by our fear. Now i want to find the same thing in our dreams.

The dream about all our teeth falling out, about being back in school unprepared for everything. A dream of falling, of water, huge waves. Of loneliness. Daydreaming of a brighter future.

We dream about revenge, about seeing people failing, about punching someone into the face. We dream about us suceeding in everything, we dream about traveling, about love. About that one special person finally calling.

What is it you are dreaming about? How can all the symbols in our dreams be a language that we all speak?

This reseach is for a stop motion movie i am working on right now. I am creating the characters right now and with all your dreams and your fear i will be creating this movie. And as soon as i found the perfect place i will create an installation again, about dreams this time. But based on our fear.

A few more words about my obsession with your fear; i asked again about it because i wanted to see how things have changed. If we are afraid of different things, now that the whole world slightly shifted. I don’t know what i was expecting but interestingly enough not much has changed. I still have to think about what that means. Sleep over it and see what my dreams will tell me.

You do the same and please be kind enough to share your dreams with me!