Sep. 07/2015

Do it!

Do it

Sometimes, you simply have to DO IT. Like right now. I am thinking of what to write in my blog for too long now. So many things have happened, so many ideas in my head. So i decided to just sit down and do it! Write it.

I think what really kept me from writing is the recent refugee crisis we are facing. I have the feeling that is important to talk about it, write about it, but more impotantly, do something about it! But i don’t have the feeling that i can add anything with value to what is already out there in the world, masswise. (written and said)

If you know me, you know that my empathy is bottomless for every living being. So life is actually never really easy for me because i am getting too caught up in all that shit that is going on around the world. When i was a child and i discovered for the first time what it meant for animals that people are eating them (like factory farming and mass transports) i couldn’t sleep at night because i had to think of all those animals, being afraid and hurt. As i said “EVERY LIVING BEING!” I do not exclude. So i think it is important to make the world a better place EVERY SINGLE DAY! (if you are interested in that at all. I do know people who don’t care about anything and i kind of envy them, because it makes living much easier) Not only when we are facing a crisis, which we are, to be honest, every single day, maybe not that close but bad things are happening every second.

Every action has a consequence. What i am choosing to buy, to say, to eat, to contribute. We have to take responsibility for our actions every single day. Do it!