Dec. 12/2020

Don't Wake Daddy


It’s the 15th birthday of “Don’t wake Daddy” which is an exhibition format showing the work of lowbrow artist from all around the world. Lowbrow is an underground art movement that has its roots in Los Angeles, California Area, in the late 1970s.

It took a while until this movement came to our side of the world but i feel so at home in it and i am more than happy that i was invited to show my work in this show. Not only because of the Lowbrow movement but also because of the fact that the gallery FEINKUNST KRÜGER is in Hamburg and Hamburg might be my most favorite cities in the world.

available online

When HEIKO MÜLLER asked me if i wanted to join i was over the moon excited. He is the curator of the show and an amazing artist himself.

I was thinking a lot about what to do for this exhibition and i decided to work on a topic that was close to my heart for such a long time already and that really wanted to come out in one way or another. I named the whole series “SACRIFICES” and i don’t want to talk too much about it. But my “inspiration” was the work of Harry Harlow who made experiments to prove that Motherlove is crucial for the survival of babies (Duh!) Long story short, he tortured a lot of rhesus apes and their mothers to surpise us all with the fact that babies need their mother. For me the pictures were always extremly heartbreaking, so i decided that i needed to do something with this engery. And well, SACRIFICES is the outcome of this. I will post the finished artworks on the website and just a few making ofs here for now.