Feb. 19/2022

Dream °° Reality

Dream away

Being an escape artist who is always creating own realities to escape to, i was always specially interested in dreams. Where are we escaping to, the moment we close our eyes? What are we experiencing and how is lucid dreaming possible or how is lucid dreaming worth the effort?

I have been asking myself so many things connected to sleep and dreams. Starting back when I was a little child i couldn't see the difference between a memory and a simple thought. Is there really a difference when both things are just pictures in my head? A friend told me about a book called "the memory illusion". I just started reading it but from what I understand, memory is really just an illusion. So thinking about kissing Brad Pitt doesn't actually make any difference to having kissed Brad Pitt (how does he feel about that, I am asking myself?)

you fool

Now what does that tell us about our reality? How "real" is any of it? How unimportant is it to be right about anything and how important would it be to have whales traveling through oceans without human garbage? (sorry, I am drifting off)

Anyways, if you have been following me for a while you would know about my ongoing project called "connective dreaming"

The term "connective dreaming" goes back to C.G Jung who said that in sleep we are all connected and we speak the same language (which would be the language of human experience)

But when I started to dig deeper into C.G Jung and his theories about dreaming and sleeping, I not only realized that he was a person that I probably wouldn't have liked much but also that his theories are kind of dated.

So I had to move on, but where to turn? Living in the city of Psychoanalysis i couldn't help but wonder if Sigmund Freud is all there is.

But since dreaming is a field that is not discovered fully, it's such a promising playground. What is more interesting than something that toys with our reality, is something we ALL do and yet something we know so little of?

Dream away

Now my new challenge is to find a way to work with this passion for the other realities. Slumberland.

I am excited to dive deeper and if anyone wants to send me dreams (a lot of people already did and I loved it) PLEASE DO SO!!! Dream Emails, if you please <3