Mar. 11/2016

Flashback Friday

My beloved imaginary friends,

oday we are looking back. Firstly because the first part of the journey through my imaginary world is almost over and secondly because i have so many nice memories i want to share.

Best memory of it all. Last Monday. Dinner was happening! Yes, the one where i invited you and you didn’t comment!? But two lucky imaginary friends did and were invited for dinner. (They both still have their legs!) It was a super nice evening and i have proof that it happened. Here is the picture ( and i didn’t dress up my husband and dog. These are real imaginary friends!)

The next memory is directly related with the whole journey. I hope you didn’t forget why we are doing this here? Because of Keri Smith and her wonderful books. Specially the book “The imaginary world of “. One task in the book is to build a shrine. And i already did that, almost one year ago and it is still so fitting and maybe you missed it, when i posted it. So here it comes again. My shrine of ghosts from the past.

D(IO)RAMA “GHOSTS FROM THE PAST” . It is a shrine where you can leave all your bad memories and the god of the ghosts of the past will take care of them. Simply place an object inside that reminds you of something you’d rather like to forget, walk away, breathe deep and let go!

And i told you that i might post a soundtrack. I can’t think of a soundtrack for the whole world. But if you want one for this evening. Listen to Sinead O’Connor. Anything is fine, for tonight. Edit: Not everything is fine. I discovered that while listening to everything from her. But A LOT of stuff is fine. Like i told you, for tonight. New music input next time!

Next time i will tell you what happened to LimaTheWau. She changed a lot in World Six. She is almost a Super Hero there. And she looks like one!

I never knew I was creating a world which was an antithesis to the world around me which was full of sorrows, full of wars, full of difficulties. I was creating the world I wanted, and into this world, once it is created, you invited others and then you attract those who have affinities and this becomes a universe. –Anais Nin, The Diary of Anais Nin