Jan. 22/2017

Give to get back

Beloved imaginary friends

n my head i can imagine you sitting in front of your computer, sipping tea (or is it beer? I can’t see clearly) and reading my new post with glowing eyes. You wonder; what is she going to share with us today? What adventures did she have in her imaginary world (LOTS!) what new friends did she find (LOTS!) or did she make a few enemies too? (why would you think that?) But this, my beloved imaginary friends, is a story that i am saving for another rainy day. Today we will focus on the law of attraction (lol. Is it right that “lol” is back actually? Please let me know) But no kidding i do have my own thoughts on giving and receiving, not with the universe but with my imaginary friends around the world.

I wrote a post about my “Project Loveletter” a while ago but i won’t post a link now because i am writing this new one now, right? Project Loveletter simply means that you send me your snail mail address and i will send you snail mail! It works like this: I have a list with all the possible destinations and once in a month i pick a name (on random) and i send a loveletter. This can be almost everything, from a simple letter to a drawing to found objects to an elephant. Or maybe i will simply show up on your doorsteps one day (just kidding, i would never do that. Or would i?) Since i posted about this project last July i did send monthly mails out and… surprise!! I also got beautiful things back. And now that i know how happy a handwritten letter can make a person i will go on sending out my snail mail, hoping that i can add good to peoples lives. The list is growing but everyone on the list will eventually get a letter! Now if you want to be added to the list, shoot me an email with your address, topic “Loveletter”.

Here is a picture of my first Loveletter in 2017 that is already on its way, also it shows that i forgot that it is already 2017 and wrote 2016 on the drawing. I will also send another Loveletter to one lucky person in the U.S tomorrow because i think that anyone living there will need lots of love right now (as does the rest of the world)

And here is a picture of what came back.. I received much more and i love them all but i chose to post this picture because it has its own beautiful story and really saved my day. Thank you so much Sam. Also Sam is an amazing artist and you should go and see at her work at Sam’s curious creatures.

And i will end with a song! But you can’t hear me singing, so i will post what i am singing here.