Jul. 02/2018

Hairy Backyard Scratcher II

My imaginary friends

I want your imaginary skin under my fingers! only if you want it too, of course. But if you want to, contact me! Until September I will be in Carinthia, Austria, enjoying the lake and the sun (hell no, only kidding, I do not enjoy sun. But I do enjoy water) I will have a guest spot at Kunststätte Klagenfurt in August, and I am one proud person that they are willing to share their studio with me for a while.

From to 3 to the 7th of September, I will be in Prague (one of my favorite cities in this world) guest spotting at blackout tettu.

In autumn i will finally be back in my hometown, Vienna! Which is where I will also do my dirty backyard scratching. (hopefully in a real and own flat by then)