Sept. 5/2021

Hamburg/ Sex, Drugs and Buddenbrooks


I will never get over how much i love Hamburg and that i am not living there. I've been there three years ago when i was the monster in Frankenstein for Staatsoper Hamburg and i fell in love with the city. Now i came back to play a melancholic, drunk guy in a performance for the International Summerfestival at Kampnagel and i fell in love with the city even more.

why are you

The performance was called "Sex, drugs and Buddenbrooks" and we, the ensemble from the immersive theater group Nesterval, performed on 13 nights at the very best location, the uebel und gefährlich in Hamburg.

If you are interested in the show. We will be performing again in Vienna. Premiere will be end of February 2022.

SO beautiful!?

I had the very best six weeks, eventhough it also was really exhausting. My heart always hurts a bit when i have to leave this city. So, i am open for further projects in Hamburg!