Mar. 13/2018

I - Secret Dreams

Dream On

Beloved imaginary friends, old and new (I actually think that my mother stopped reading my blog. I’ll create an imaginary mother i guess)

Almost one year ago i started with exploring my imaginary world. I did weekly explorations and wrote my log here , then felt the need to change the topic here in my journal a bit, now i feel the need to return to my imaginary world. I actually promised to return a while ago and i bet that all my imaginary friends are already lined up at the entry but you don’t have your citizen card with you, do you?

Oh and i really want to mention that my whole exploring is inspired by the book ” The imaginary world of …” by Keri Smith. A lot of the tasks are from this book, some i make i up on my way and i mix and match with ” The Wander Society” ( If you are a member.. Solvitur ambulando my friend. If not, try and look it up and become a member. It’s a lovely secret society)

Let’s talk about sweet dreams now, or more like secret dreams and turning them into reality in my imaginary world.

I have one secret dream (not so secret anymore) which is also my biggest fear; that we can see the thoughts of other people. This might be because i would love to be a mindreader (and sometimes i almost think i am) but also because i sometimes have the feeling that people are looking at me as if the knew that i am secretly dreaming away about having a little restaurant where the cook is directly from the island where the wild things are and Spike Jonze is a regular. So, for one day (and for one day only) thoughts will be visible in my imaginary world.