Mar. 10/2022


The land of my dreams

I was dreaming of going to Iceland since i was around 14 years old. My parents gave me the book „Goblins“ from Brian Froud to my birthday and i kind of got obsessed with the stories of the hidden people.

It took a few more years for me to actually really travel to Iceland. It was a bit scary because my expectations were over the moon high. I definitely wanted to see a whale and i wanted to see northern lights.

I wanted to experience this with as less other people as possible. Which really is wishfull thinking when going to Iceland. But we went in winter and so we really were alone a lot. Or at least not with the crowds.



Actually we saw a few. Actuallly i‘d say we saw many. And they are the best animals on this whole planet. Also because i am not allergic to them.

We travelled around the Island but really slowly. .It took us three weeks. Three wonderful weeks where we lived in the very best places, saw whales, northern lights. Almost no other tourists while we were in the north.

you will have my heart forever

i had the worst allergy outbreak after i pet this horse for a while. Which reminded me of that one day where i had to go to the spanish riding school in Vienna, because of a project, and i forgot my allergy pills at home and almost passed out because i couldn‘t breath anymore. I should add though, that i love horses almost as much as whales.

Leaving Iceland was really sad but i am planning on coming back. To see Iceland in Summer. (And only walk around by night, so all the other tourists are asleep :))