Oct. 06/2019



I didn‘t have time to write much lately and i missed it! I missed writing to my imaginary audience and my imaginary friends.

It was a really busy time and i am not sure if you know (or if you are even interested) that i am currently not living in Vienna. I left Vienna on the 5th of August and since then i am living and working in Carinthia. It‘s my last week here though and soon i will be back in Vienna. I miss my shadow apartment and i miss my friends.


As soon as i am back, i have one month left for last preparations on my installation „with fear“ which will be taking place at the Jan Arnold Gallery in Vienna and i am with fear, thinking about it. I am afraid that no one will show up or that a lot of people will show up and collectively hate my installation.I am not sure which thought is more depressing. I guess i will entertain both of them.

But; if you are living in or close to Vienna. Come and visit me at the opening on the 14th of November. We start at 7 p.m. and a good friend of mine (and crazy good artist) is going to speak some opening words. TOMAK. There will be drinks and lots of fear.

If you are close to Carinthia though, last week of performing „Auf Ewig Dein“ is starting on tuesday. I did the stage and set design and made all the puppets and objects and i am performing. I can highly recommend this evening (not only because of me, in general) Only five shows left! At neuebuehnevillach.


And i made a new cuddle buddy who is going to travel to New Mexico, U.S. to a really wonderful person!

Don‘t forget to tell me your fears! And to come to the opening!

Let‘s be afraid together!