Apr. 14/2020

My Imaginary Gang II


Dear imaginary friends and gang members (yes! some of you ARE real and are out there somewhere, wearing their gang patches loud and proud)

I created this gang to have a community, for me and for everyone else who isn’t necessarily outgoing and social but still enjoys to have the feeling to belong somewhere. Like my favorite quote says:

I never knew I was creating a world which was an antithesis to the world around me which was full of sorrows, full of wars, full of difficulties. I was creating the world I wanted, and into this world, once it is created, you invited others and then you attract those who have affinities and this becomes a universe. –Anais Nin, The Diary of Anais Nin

And in this world we can fight a gang war against reality. Not like we don’t care about the world. We have to care, we have to look closer than others do. But we also need to survive, and if you are a person who looks closer into things, you might also be a person who cares too much sometimes. I think it’s important to escape that feeling once in a while and connect with imaginary friends all around the world.


I am still in the middle of growing this gang. I am screenprinting and sewing everything myself but it is more than worth it when i receive happy thank you notes from all around the world. Yes, we are all around the world already and gang members are alreading marking our imaginary gang territory and seeing things grow and evolve is a feeling so good that i want more of it.

If you already asked me to join the imaginary gang and you didn’t receive your gang patch and gang tasks yet. Please, be patient with me. Making the patches is hard work and sending them around the world costs money. I am taking this step by step. Growing our gang slowly. A few of you offered to support me with shipping costs via paypal which was a gang saver!!! If you want to support our gang cause: my paypal handle is

But like my mother always said: “You can’t buy yourself into a gang. You have to proof worthy!” And my mother knows best!

Also, animals are always welcome in our gang!! Because they are the better people.

Alright, Gang task for today! Be nice to pigeons! i am just falling in love with these animals and they are super social gang material!