Nov. 02/2016

Ordinary Blog Post

Dear Imaginary friends,

I wrote a lot of imaginary blog posts over the last month, i hope you liked that as much i enjoyed writing them. Now i am back to do some real writing so that our “real” friends, here in the virtual world (does that sound real?) can read my stories too. For the sake of catching up i will simply tell you what i’ve been up to, just in case you didn’t read my imaginary postings.

First of all and most importantly i am working hard on creating spectacular creatures for my shop. I will have a shop update soon and i have a few, not too many, but a few really nice new friends to present. All of them would like to leave me and see the world (Thinking of it, i prefer imaginary friends) One, for example, will be the full moon. It is blind and reading fortunes with its hands, from the stars.

Also in my shop i am having “piggy month” in November. I was so sad to learn that each and every day 3,8 million pigs are killed worldwide. So i decided that i want to add something nice to this misery and now i will list special pig related items in November and donate 100% of the proceeds to a pig sanctuary in Austria. Items will be special priced and shipping will be free. I started with my print “RIDE” and will update regularly.

And i have a new passion!! I treated myself to a tatoo gun and i am the happiest girl in the world. It’s a Cheyenne Hawk Pen and i love her dearly. I am still thinking about a name for her but she is already heavy rotading. Here is a picture of me, super concentrated at work and of Kasimir, who is my first tattoo with my new girl and also only my second attempt at tattooing at all. I am really proud of him!

There is so much more i would love to tell you but i think this is enough for now. One last thing! Mama Fortuna is back!There is still one last chance to see her. At Schuberttheater tonight, from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

I’ll be back soon! And this time for real. I had a really stressfull time, i created masks and puppets for a theatre show (i will post pictures!) i am still creating puppets and objects for another show premiering in December. I made so many drawings and pictures for two Instragram Challenges. (By the way. Follow me on Instagram if you like. I update more regularly HERE )

But i missed the Blog, i missed my imaginary friends. I hope you missed me too.