Nov. 02/2016

Part V - NIght

Good Night

“What goes on in the darkness of your world?”

Question from the book “The imaginary world of .. ” by Keri Smith.

In my imaginary world the night is the much safer time for wandering around and most of the magic shows only at night. But when i wanted to see all the nighty wonders in my imaginary world, i discovered that you need to be an official citizen of this world, which i am not yet. First i need a name for my world and a citizen card and before i have all that all i will see at night is black.

This brings me to my next task:

Find a name and logo for my world.

Find that one character that is authorized to give me my citizen card.

I will do these things in the next days and check back on sunday to show you the results. Until then, maybe you want to attack those tasks yourself? Or maybe you want to be a citizen of my imaginary world? Let me know so i can get you a card too.

If you are bored (or interested), there are still two riddles that need solving. HERE ! I promised a reward and rewarded you shall be. I will send you a little surprise via snail mail if you can tell me the answers. Just comment in the blog.

” We are making it up. The world, the universe, life, reality. Especially reality.” – Tom Robbins