Feb. 14/2016

Part VI - World Six

First Task

I will jump into the tasks from my last post right away. If you haven’t read it, do it HERE or start at the very beginning HERE.

Ok, first task was: Find a name and logo for your world.

Tadaaaaaaaa, here it is! And surprise surprise, i named my new world WORLD SIX! Not because of my last name though, it is because world six has six layers of awesomness that are floating around each other. Apart but still connected. I will make a drawing of that in no time, again i promise! And by now you should know that i keep my promises.

Second Task

Second task: Find that one character that is authorized to give you your citizen card. Well, i found her and it was a tough task because i could only find a very old picture of her and on this picture she is still in her human form. This was long time ago.(In the picture she is the Nr. I) In World Six she is an animal spirit and i didn’t know which one she could be so i was looking for her desperatly. In the end it was The Riddler from Oneway Street who would help me find her. Who would have thought? Do you remember the Riddler?

And, this is what she looks like right now. A little monkey riding happily along on the back of a big.. uhm… thing that can fly.

So i found her but i still don’t have my citizen card, yet. She told me that i have to open a little restaurant first and cook meals there for one week. Because, she told me, cooking is a magic task itself.

“A kitchen witch is anyone who puts thought, love, and joy into cooking, using food to nurture the body and spirit and stay connected to the earth and elements,”

So, my next week will be all about food. And to be honest, it’s one of my favourite topics.