Feb. 02/2016

Part VII - The Restaurant


A warm Welcome back to all my imaginary friends! In my head you are already an army of people following this blog’s every move to stay updated. I appreciate that and it makes me happy. (Nevermind reality, right?)

This week was/is restaurant week and i am getting back to you so late because, man, running a restaurant is a tough business. In my imaginary world, World Six, all the creatures eat plantbased only. I have seen animals in this world but they are worshipped like gods and most of them can talk, have some special power or they run for mayor, stuff like that. So, we don’t eat them.

In my plantbased restaurant, that i am running for one week, i have six meals on the menu. Plantbased, don’t you forget. I don’t want you disappointed when you come for a steak and i have to cook a piece of your leg. Back to the six meals now. They are all extremly superb tasting and you get smarter, hotter and overall better looking by eating them. So the choice isn’t very hard, just point to one of the numbers. (Hugo, who is helping me out in the restaurant is deaf, so you have to show him what you want)

And lucky me, the first reviews are here already! Seems that people really like it. But see for yourself.


And look who’s been here for dinner! Spike Jonze! (it’s my imaginary world, right?) On the picture you can see him with Hugo, my little helper. They know each other from a movie project or something like that. I didn’t get that so well, i had to cook.

Next time i will post a recipe here aaaaaaand i will invite you for dinner! (for real aaaand no leg eating, promise!)

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” – Hugo (Victor)