Pigeon Love


Everyone who knows me, knows that i have a soft spot, a very soft spot for all kinds of animals. And as with humans, it’s the outsiders that i find most interesting. The ones that are considered odd.

In this special animal case, it’s pigeons who won over my heart. I never really cared much about them before. I mean, for me it was always clear that they are not as bad as people think they are but i believed a lot of things i heared about them, which i now know are not true. And i didn’t know a lot of the very cool things about them, which i now learned and after learning all those things about them, i couldn’t help but fall in love.

Some of you might wonder now, what is this pigeon topic doing on her blog? Isn’t this blog about the imaginary? And i know, pigeons are real, and more than that, a lot of people consider them a real pain in the ass.

And that’s exactly why this is the perfect topic for my blog. Because there are so many things about pigeons we believe are true and we never question them. We never stop to look closer and try to learn for ourselves. And this doesn’t only go for pigeons. That’s what i love about my imaginary world, that it’s inclusive for the misunderstood. Like pigeons. And that it’s challenging us to look closer, and to discover the other worlds and universes that are existing next to ours.


So HERE is the link that will lead you to a website where you can find 15 amazing facts about pigeons. And trust me; it’s worth reading. And in this 15 facts they don’t even talk about the romantic site of these love birds. Mostly pigeons mate for life. Which is highly impressive to me. They are not dirty, eventhough thisnis what we were told since we were young (long long time ago) and they are highly intelligent (for a bird you might say. But i know humans who can’t tell the difference between a Monet and a Picasso. Well, pigeons can! )

So, next time you see a pigeon (or most likey a highly in love pair of pigeons) walking down the street. Give them a smile and some sunflower seeds (no bread please).

There is a sanctuary in Austria which is taking care of injured birds. So i am giving away a birdy tattoo. And the money i get, i will donate 100 % to this Sanctuary. Learn more about them HERE. And see the tattoo below. If you want it, let me know! You can either come and get it tattooed by me. Or you can give some money for the design and let someone else swing the needle. Either way; it’s for a good cause.

And i want to introduce you to a friend of mine. She is working at a bird sanctuary in California, has a rescued pigeon as a pet and is overall a cool person and artist. She has a coloring book on etsy, which is a fundraising project for the wetlands and wildlife care center. If you prefer a book over a tattoo, look her up HERE.