Oct. 17/2023

Puppet Making Masterclass

ThaNk YoU NorwAy!

After promoting the idea of leaving the house so intensly, I bravely applied for a puppet making masterclass in Norway, and I was lucky enough to get invited to Stamsund (Lofoten! What a dream come true) to attend a puppet making master class lead by Matt Jackson at Figur Teatret.

Together with nine other puppet artists from around the world, we were hoping for a nice paid vacation on Lofoten Island. But what happened was, that we really had to work A LOT. And I also learned a lot. I mean, I am making puppets since a long long time now. My patience in production is very limited, so I will go with whatever works the fastest.

But with Matt I learned to focus on materials and real craftmanship.

I mean, I had to make this wooden neck myself!

It was such a wonderful experience with the best surroundings and a beautiful outcome.

Every morning I was up early to see the sun rise over the ocean. I wish I could see that every day, forever.

Here you can see my little cabin. The one in the middle. And if you look closely you can see that it's the only one with the back turned to us. That seemed fitting.

I mean....

Sculpting a human shaped head was HARD

First try (so embarrassing)

Getting there


BUt the hardest thing was leaving...

Because Everything was PERFECT!


A beautiful Lofoten Sunrise

Me, the happiest

Because I saw a Spermwhale!!! They are fascinating creatures and it breaks my heart thinking about how humans make the ocean such a dangerous place for them.

And last but not least; THE PERFECT HIKE!