Mar. 08/2023


Now, who knows

Spike Jonze?

Who knows him? That’s the most important question here. Also, who knows someone who knows him?

This is where the six handshakes theory comes into play. According to that theory we are all only (and max.) six handshakes aways from connecting with literally anyone in this world.

Thinking of that it shouldn‘t be too hard to find my six handshakes to Spike Jonze, right? I tried this experiment on Instagram and it failed. Really really failed. Now this blog (plus Newsletter) is my last hope. Why the need, i hear you ask. Well, to be honest, I want to see my puppets in an Hollywood Movie. I want them in the fanciest galleries, after the movie was a huge success. Dream big they say, that's what I do.

And because I want to be prepared for the huge moment, when this collaboration starts, I asked Chatgpt to write a dialogue about how this could go. Please forward to him.

pretty please, Universe <3