Apr. 11/2016

Someone's coming!

Good Morning lovely imaginary friends,

I am sewing little plush versions of you right now (not right right now, but as soon as i leave the computer i will go on creating soft versions of you!)

I spent the last days in my imaginary world and actually i wanted to have the gallery opening i was talking about but the weather was cold and rainy (my world, i am so full of gratitude for you always producing this lovely weather for me but sometimes things need a little bit of sun). This is postponed now, i will let you know in the next days so that you can put on your fancy clothes, grab a bottle of champagne and come to my gallery.

But today i want to tell you about something strange and special that is happening in my imaginary world. When is stepped outside the reastaurant last evening (i still go there a lot, so does Spike. Haven’t seen you there yet. You need to come! Best beer in world six) someone put up Flyers everywhere.

Now we are all super excited because no one knows Mama Fortuna but we’ve all heared about her and the stories are.. well.. exciting, creepy, dark. And now it says that she is coming. We don’t know when exactly because she never tells. One day she will be here and tell everyone who wants to know about their future. I want to know! Wait, do i? Do you?

Still some time to think about that! She surely will arrive by night, so, sleep no more my imaginary friend!

If you have future related questions and you don’t want to wait for Mama Fortuna then i have something special for you. Pictarot! I am addicted. This is the link to the website but the main thing is an app for your phone. It’s super cheap but heaps of fun (and wisdom). Check it out HERE

Going on with our soundtrack, shall we? Why not dance to the Soundtrack of “Dirty dancing” today?

“To be away from home and yet to find oneself everywhere at home; to see the world, to be at the centre of the world, and yet remain hidden from the world.” – Charles Baudelaire