Jun. 5/2020

South Africa/Simon's Town

Let's start

Alright, let’s start this journey here. I will try and add as much detail as possible so that you would be able to travel the same route and explore (more or less) the same things (we don’t want to be boring right, so i guess you will do your fair share of exploring yourself.)

We were planning this trip over a few months, no daily planning but constantly adding new ideas to our Pinterest. At first we actually wanted to go to New Zealand and i have no idea what made us change plans and go to South Africa instead, but it was definitly the perfect decision. Driving along Garden Route sounded like a solid plan. I found a lot of tips for this trip, so i don’t want to bore you with car booking agencies (you should definitly rent a car though) or the best internet connection.

We started our journey in Cape Town and decided to travel along the Graden Route up to the Addo Elephant Park (which is is somewhat close to Port Elizabeth).

When we arrived at the aiport it was Christmas Eve and already late at night, so we just booked a really small bed and breakfast close to the airport. When we woke up in the morning we were so excited about nature and about the different light and smells and animals. We took a lot of pictures of the small garden, the dog that lived there and a big squirrel. Boy, little did we know about what was waiting for us.

After we had coffee we hit the road again to go to our first real destination: Simon’s Town! What we didn’t know back then is that Simon’s Town isn’t that close to Cape Town and the average age there might be around 60. But then again; it was the perfect and calm way to begin our journey. We found Karen and Frank’s appartment over airbnb and i will add a link, not for advertisment and i also don’t get anything from it but because Karen and Frank are incredibly nice and i don’t think that any view will compare to the one from their appartment. Also, during whale season (which we missed and this is still an open wound for me) the whales come so close to the shore that you can hear their breathing while you are in bed. I mean; i’d almost go back there just to experience this. Find them HERE . I will be honest about one thing though, the toilet is somewhat inside the apartment without a door. It is around the corner, next to the shower, so it’s a different part of the place but… well, let’s put it like THIS


From Simon’s Town you can go and visit the Penguins at Boulders Beach (which can get really crowded in High season but we were lucky enough that it was raining when we got there and all the people left but the rainbow came)

And with the rainbow came lust..

Also close to this old peoples paradise is the Cape of Good Hope (which is NOT the southern tip of Africa, eventhough a lot of people think it is. We will get there, promise). I don’t have a picture of all the cars waiting in line to get inside the National Park but i’d advice you to go as early as you can. We skipped it on our first try and came back the other day. What we did instead was a bit of exploring and we went to feed ostriches, saw a gang of baboons and found the most beautiful, wild beach. This is the exploring part for you too. Just don’t turn left to the National Park of the Cape of Good Hope, turn right and then try to make your way back to Simon’s Town. Good Luck!

At the Beginning

We spent three nights in Simon’s Town (i think) and one evening we went to Kalk’s Bay (because Lisa told us to go there. I met Lisa on Instagram and i adore her work and also she loves dogs and dolls. I have the feeling i found a soul sister. You can see her work HERE )

At Kalk’s Bay we saw our first seals and we were over the moon excited (same excitement we had with the garden and the dog). We saw a seal chasing a man and the man chasing the seal ( i am not making this up). We had a lot of fried things (?) at Kalky’s and went home happy. If i remember this right, it was also our last evening at Karen and Frank’s, so i will take a break right here and pick up in a few days.