Jun. 7/2020

South Africa/ Cape Town


After a long and sad goodbye from Karen and Frank and their dog ( If you happen to stay at their place, make sure you ask Frank a few questions and prepare for long and wildly winded answers) we were ready to hit the big city. Get ready for Cape Town!

We were staying in Cape Town for three nights again, one night happened to be New Years Eve. Cape Town is such a beautiful city but i am well aware that not everything is beautiful there. I read a book about Gang activities and townships. About the huge gap that is dividing the rich from the poor. And you can see and feel all of this. There are places like the Waterfront where everything is super hip and there are museums and bars and design shops, food markets and whatnot. But there are also corners in Cape Town that are not as shiny. We booked an apartment in District Six. And yes i was very excited because Claudia Six was living in District Six. But this district actually has a very sad history and is now slowly coming back to life. HERE is a link to a blog about the history of Cape Town and district Six, if you are interested.


We had the best apartment … Eventhough we could practically hear our neighbours breath. And we could see our other neighbours sunbath in morning, after work because it was a strip club.


This is me, trying not to get fat in Cape Town.

And this is me finding new friends! ( and hiding from the sun which made me look like a villain from Star Wars)

Cape Town is a breathtaking city and i loved it. We went for a run on the beach every day (turns out you can’t run away from holiday belly fat), saw dolphins, lots of cute dogs (luckily no street dogs. i I did have the feeling that people there love their dogs very much. But a friend told me that there are street dogs. She even found one and kept that lucky girl) We had the best vegan junk food at Lekker and we spent the days walking around and the evenings inside, cooking and drinking wine.

On New Years Eve i expected the City to be one huge party. Turned out though that the Parties are only meant for the rich. There were a few areas with parties but the city itself stayed unimpressed with New Years Eve.

All in all it is a challenging city but amazing. We loved it. We were too scared to travel up Lion’s Head or Table Mountain (afraid of heights galore). But i guess you will find endless blogs and tipps on that one. We ubered to a beach for sunset (just like everyone else) but most of the time we just walked. Watched some seals sunbathing and had wine. Saw some art and had wine. Bought books and wine. And ate a lot.

Museum of modern Art Africa.

After New Years Eve our journey continued to Hermanus. One of the best places in the whole wide world for whale watching. Did we see one? Well, more on this next time.