Aug. 28/2020

South Africa / The way back

In love

Addo was the U turn on our journey, after that we drove back to Cape Town, stopping everywhere where we had the feeling that missed too many things or places that we heard one shouldn’t miss.

It took me almost nine months (jesus) to write this blog about our journey and it’s specially strange that i am writing about travels when traveling is so hard these days and where it’s impossible to travel to South Africa. Maybe that’s why it’s taking me so long and why i don’t really want it to come to an end. Because i miss this special place and i love dwelling on memories.

Alright now let’s follow memory lane from Addo to the Tsitsikamma Nationalpark. Basically the Fernery Lodge was actually already more or less Tsitsikamma Territory. I am being so vague about this because i have zero Idea. Tsitsikamma Nationalpark is the one thing that everyone tells you to visit when you travel Memory Lane.. ah, Garden Route. But we didn’t find it quite that easily. But we visited a very nice small village without phone connection. After that we stopped in some sort of adventure village.. and after that long journey we finally managed to find the National Park. One would think that if we can’t find it, nobody will. Which wasn’t true. Actually everyone else seemed to have found it quite easily. EVERYONE!!! This place was huntingly beautiful but crowded af. There is a famous suspension bridge. But for me suspense only built because i tried to avoid people as much as i could ( i did not do well. So there is no picture of that famous bridge)

BUT we finally found a little hidden gem there. In the middle of all the crowds was a small beach that nobody else found (Ha!!!!)

After the Tsitsikamma Nationalpark, we left sort of traumatized and deciced to go on to our next destination which was Knysna (i want you to speak that out loud right now. And i wish i could hear it)

But on our way to Knysa we saw a sign that said “Nature’s Valley”. I read about Nature’s Valley and what everyone in their blogs said that it’s nice but more or less just another beach. DON’T BELIEVE THEM!!!!!! THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH IN THE WORLD! . Maybe we were just lucky but we decided to go the extra mile and visit Nature’s Valley (also because it sounded nice) and we were blown away!!!! (it was quite windy but also the most beautiful thing!)


The light was eerie and there were dolphins playing in the waves. There were almost no people and well, self absorbed as we are, we took pictures of each other. .

And went on to Knysna. Knysna was really nice, we stared at the see from the heads (it’s a thing. The Heads in Knysna) went for a long walk at Brenton on Sea. Hoped for whales, were disappointed again. But saw a little mouse who ate grass, which was very cute. I don’t have a picture for you Knysna, no idea why.

But let’s bring this to an end and let me present to you the southern most tip of South Africa (which is NOT the cape of good hope). And if you go there, you have to stay THERE! And go and have dinner at, damn i forgot, the Albatros? Nevermind, Meg, who is the lovliest host, will tell you where to have dinner. I loved this place and her very much!


Alright, we are almost there, almost back in Cape Town. Just stay with me on Memory Lane for one last memory! xx