Nov. 23/2018

Stop Motion Workshop Viborg

Denmark Baby

his late summer i attended i Stop-Motion workshop in beautiful Denmark. It was my first trip to this part of the world and before heading to Viborg, where the University is located, i decided to visit Coopenhagen for a few days. And i really fell in love with this city!

Viborg is not much of a city but we found cosy little town and rented a small beach house there, which meant a bit of a drive to University daily, but was the best decision ever!

Viborg Baby

The Stop-Motion Workshop itself was proof that you can get so many things done in a few days when your focus is on your work and your work only. I wish i could live such a workflow each day but sadly i mostly end up wondering where all the hours went. Anyways, the workshop was lead by the genius team of Clyde Henry Productions and i learned so many things, it was amazing.