Jan. 02/2017

We have to go back!

Back to my Imaginary World

.. not to the year 2016 though. But back to my imaginary world (and your imaginary world too)

But first; HAPPY NEW YEAR. I actually wanted to create a really nice stop motion video for the new year but my studiolight crashed right onto my set and broke into thousand pieces. First i thought about cleaning the mess up and go on but then i felt like it was quite an appropriate ending to the year 2016. This is to a amazing year 2017 filled with creativity, imaginary friends, real fun, imaginary worlds, love, art and food.. lots and lost of food.

Also the year 2016 took my favourite warrior princess which felt kind of cursed to me because i just finished rewatching all the old Star Wars Movies, started listening to the audiobook “Wishful Drinking” and two days later she was dead.

Also i took some time to reflect and think about my old year and i realized that i miss my imaginary world, i mean, i more or less live there but i miss sharing it with you guys, my imaginary friends (and my mother). Which means, i am going back! Will you come with me? Let’s open some new doors and see where they are leading to. If you want to be fully prepared for the journey ahead, you can go back right now. Back to my first post about my imaginary world and you can catch up and by the time i open my first door here.