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On the first day of the year 2020 (which now turns out to be a pretty crazy one. We actually thought with a perfect start like this; what could possibly go wrong) we drove to Hermanus. From what i heard before Hermanus is a tourist hotspot, so we prepeared for the worst. Turns out, it’s…

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After a long and sad goodbye from Karen and Frank and their dog ( If you happen to stay at their place, make sure you ask Frank a few questions and prepare for long and wildly winded answers) we were ready to hit the big city. Get ready for Cape Town! We were staying in…

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South Africa/ Part I/Simon’s Town


Alright, let’s start this journey here. I will try and add as much detail as possible so that you would be able to travel the same route and explore (more or less) the same things (we don’t want to be boring right, so i guess you will do your fair share of exploring yourself.) We…

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Catching up * starting


Since my last entry i was planning on writing a little travel diary here. My year started in South Africa and it was the perfect way to start the year, it was perfect and promising. The year itself didn’t quite live up to my expectations but South Africa still feels as perfect as it felt…

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I treated this journal/blog a bit like a stepchild while i was working on my installation. If you missed what i what i was working on, catch up HERE. As soon as i am back from my vacation i will update everything and i will keep up the writing. See you in the new year,…

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I didn‘t have time to write much lately and i missed it! I missed writing to my imaginary audience and my imaginary friends. It was a really busy time and i am not sure if you know (or if you are even interested) that i am currently not living in Vienna. I left Vienna on…

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Pigeon Love


Everyone who knows me, knows that i have a soft spot, a very soft spot for all kinds of animals. And as with humans, it’s the outsiders that i find most interesting. The ones that are considered odd. In this special animal case, it’s pigeons who won over my heart. I never really cared much…

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shadow home


A few months ago i moved into a new home. It now is the place where i live, love and work. It always takes a while until a new place feels like home, at least for me it does. The one thing that made it so easy for me to fall in love with my…

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My Imaginary Gang II


Dear imaginary friends and gang members (yes! some of you ARE real and are out there somewhere, wearing their gang patches loud and proud) I created this gang to have a community, for me and for everyone else who isn’t necessarily outgoing and social but still enjoys to have the feeling to belong somewhere. Like…

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