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Personal Wonderland


Dear Imaginary friends, If you ever want to visit Vienna ( i hear that that’s interesting to some people. I’d prefer to move away from here though) i want to introduce you to my favourite place. I will treat this little post like a photo love story, just leaving you here with the pictures to…

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My Imaginary Gang


I am sitting here, listening to the Soundtrack of Westside Story (does everyone of my imaginary friends still know the musical? I have the feeling i am getting old, well, it’s not only a feeling, i guess i do get old. But so do you and hopefully we grow old together and we will never…

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Puppet Theater Festival


I just double checked my website because i couldn’t believe it that i never ever posted something about the festival. A real one, in the real world with real people ( i guess i was traumatized) I created an illustration for Internationale Puppentheatertage Mistelbach and i was so happy to see the wine label (Wine!…

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Beethoven is the answer to the question..


Hello world!! or hello mum! or, well hello imaginary friends… And hello new wordpress dashboard! Everything looks different since the last time i’ve been here. So, since i get the question a lot where one can see my work live. Here is the answer for now. If you mean me in action, performing and making…

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Stop-Motion Workshop Viborg


This late summer i attended i Stop-Motion workshop in beautiful Denmark. It was my first trip to this part of the world and before heading to Viborg, where the University is located, i decided to visit Coopenhagen for a few days. And i really fell in love with this city! Viborg is not much of…

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Frankenstein/Staatsoper Hamburg


I spent spring and early summer this year in Hamburg, rehearsing for “Frankenstein” an Opera (yes again, no another one) for Staatsoper Hamburg. I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing team of puppeteers who brought the monster to life, and we did well. The wonderful puppet was built by genius Marius Kob,…

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Hairy backyard scratcher pt.II


Hello lovely imaginary friends! I want your imaginary skin under my fingers! only if you want it too, of course. But if you want to, contact me! Until September I will be in Carinthia, Austria, enjoying the lake and the sun (hell no, only kidding, I do not enjoy sun. But I do enjoy water)…

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Hello my beloved imaginary friends, Who would have thought that this place here would become something like my safe space. I think it would be riskier to write in a good old analogue diary than simply posting here. I feel like I am writing things into the void, and in a way this feels really…

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Artificial love


Itˋs me again, secretly typing away on my secret blog on my, well, not so secret, website. But as we all know; blogs are dying, slowly they are more and more forgotten, more like imaginary ideas of typing. So I am positive, that no one is really reading this. Not even my mother so far,…

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On Doubt


Last year I was lucky enough to be part of a very beautiful project. ( yes, i have been in my imaginary world to see what happened there in the last year.. that’s up next in my journal. Let me only tell you that much; Spike Jonze is still hanging out there) The name of…

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