I promised to write something about Hänsel and Gretel and here goes.

It was the last theatre project i was working on. (well, not the last like “the last”. I will definitly create puppets for theatre again)

The director was Marie Steiner, who is super smart, super tough and super creative AND she has a very big heart. Also it was fun to work with her because she really let me do my thing and find my own characters. Luckily we fit together quite well and the aesthetic was perfect.

But i don’t want to sound like everything was just perfect, it was also a bumpy road, specially because of the guy who was supposed to build the stage. To make a long story short, Marie and i ended up building the stage in the night, which was tough but lots of fun too actually (thanks to music and beer).

The sounddesign in the show comes from Marie’s boyfriend, and boy, it made everything even better when he performed live. If you plan on going to see the show, you should ask if he is there (because sometimes the sound is live, sometimes it’s not) Be sure to check back with Schuberttheater Wien.

The wonderful headdresses are from Animalesque, who is creating and selling this perfect pieces in London. You can check out here site and order online HERE.

But for now, sit back and enjoy the pictures from the show. Photocredits:  Barbara Palffy


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