I moved my “fear diary” into this journal section. I’d advice you to read from the bottom up.


Today i packed all my things and moved out of the gallery. The official ending of the installation.

I am so thankful about everything. Most of all thankful for all of you who shared your fears, who trusted me with them. Believe me, i treated them well until it was time to burn them, which was always a respectful ritual and i am happy about the people who joined me for that!

Over all it was an amazing experience and i know that the topic was perfectly right and it helped me push through to see that we all are afraid of something.

Tonight i am tired and happy! I will be leaving for South Africa tomorrow morning for three weeks of doing nothing (except for trying to pet each and every animal that crosses my way)

I will post more pictures when i am back, also there is a little thing i will be doing with the ashes and memories of this month filled with fear.

Hopefully everyone who sent me their fear feels a bit lighter now and that we can move into the new year, fearless!!


I survived the opening! Well, it was more than surviving, i loved the opening of my installation. It was a perfect evening and i had the perfect fear support team!

Here are a few impressions of this night


Eight days left until the opening of my installation “with fear”. I am really happy to have two very close friends talking at the opening. Tomak, who is an amazing artist and Martin Walkner, who is from Kunsthalle Wien. The opening starts at 7 p.m, there will be beer and wine and fear!


I said that there will be regular updates and i never made even one until now. But here it is; and as boring as it is, i never posted the original text of my installation here; The intention setting one..

To beginnings:

With Fear / A vigil for monsters

An immersive Installation by Claudia Six.

Think about the fear of the monsters under your bed, the monsters on the streets, in your house and in your head. Your fear of the ghosts in the cellar, of the ones from the past and from the future.

Imagine all of them together, in one room and you inside that room.
Can you sit with them for a while?
Now tell me about your fears. About the person you think you are and the one you want to become. Bring your ghosts from the past.

And let‘s light a candle together, facing our monsters and shed some tears, burying our ghosts.

Claudia Six is creating a room out of your fears and stories. (and out of her own, because these are the ones she knows best)



Currently i am working on my new Installation „with fear“ which has its opening night on the 14th of November, 2019 at Jan Arnold Gallery in Vienna. Angst, fear and ghosts from the past is the topic of the installation, the topic of my post and the topic of my life.

For my installation i am asking you what you are afraid of and with your answers and stories i am working my way through this. A lot of you already shared their fears and i love them. I won‘t get a name with your fear, so you are totally free to tell me anything. I will not know who you are, but your fear is going to part of the installation, i will work with it, befriend it and in the end, it will be gone (or maybe you will want to keep it?)

The idea of the installation is a virgil for our fears. A conscious confrontation with them and probably a befriending. I will have regular nightly fear burning rituals where we will be drinking beer and wine (and water) and we will whisper all the things that scare us into our glasses.

And if you are afraid of tattoos, i will be making tattoos on the vigil evenings. Small flashes of our shared fears. For dates, check back in here. I will update regularly and share progress and thoughts and fears. I hope you share yours with me! And even if you are far away and you won‘t be able to come to a vigil yourself. I will take care of your fear anyways and i will share lots of pictures.

Let‘s be afraid together!