Beloved imaginary friends,

Discovering the connection between the headless lady and my bellybutton i decided to spend a little more time with my body, and guess who i found?? … let me introduce to you.. my mouthmonster!! And look at this happy face..


It is super active and quite fast with everything. Thinking is no priority, neither is patience or contemplation. It is very open to many things but can shut down very fast too.  Mouthmonster loves coffee and fresh bread, vegetables, fruits, wine and beer (goes both directions from time to time) and lots of other things (specially swearing.. mouthmonster gets a rash after 30 minutes without swearing). Mouthmonster closes its mouth to anything animal related. It loves animals, it feels connected to them, it doesn’t want them inside of it.


Mouthmonster loves smiling but isn’t always smiling. It hasn’t much impulse control so sometimes it does things without wanting to. For example, telling really bad jokes. Generally mouthmonster isn’t dangerous, only if you are really good food, then you should run.

This is where mouthmonster lives

Meeting mouthmonster isn’t easy because it is quite shy, you can lure it outside though, try beer or food to do so…


Maybe i will have a closer look at my feet over the next few days, let’s see where this is taking me..

Have a beautiful week! Don’t forget to eat properly and be kind to your belly, your headless lady and your mouthmonster. They deserve it!