I already wrote about Nesterval on my old website. They are amazing.

They are organizing real life games in the city of vienna, sometimes very dark, very sinister. You should really go and check them out. And if you are in Vienna you should see if a Nestverval adventure is coming up and join, by all means…. join!!

Preparing for Berlin and the Puppet Exhibition in the Castle Farrach i had a quite buisy time lately, but when they asked me to make masks for them i was happy to do it.

The pictures are not many and not that good, but you will get an idea. The adventure this time was kind of a haunted house and those grey ladys where walking the dark corridors to give you the creeps. From what i heared, it worked really well.

graue frau-2 2015-04-24 13.20.13-2









And if life is good and everything works out the way we want it to ( and it always does, right? ) there is an amazing cooperation coming up!!! Wish us luck.