Salve my imaginary friends,

So good to be back here with you! I hope you have been exploring world six like crazy!? At least the ones of you who are proud owners of a citizen card. Do you remember when i told you that i would make a drawing of you? And i did! I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what my beloved imaginary friends might look like and i created a drawing (with eyes closed!) and look. THIS IS YOU!!!

imaginary friend-2


Next step will be to make little plush toys of you. And those i will send to your homes again. Soon to come. Until then, enjoy the drawing and maybe you even recognize yourself?

I didn’t have a lot of time to go exploring. So many things have been happening in the real world und i am part of a secret society too. (which exists in a strange place which is not really real world but then again not really world six) Real life first. I have been touristy exploring Vienna with my sister and my nephew who came to visit. We went to the Natural History Museum in Vienna and i touched a real dinosaur bone!! A real one! But the most amazing thing i saw was a giant sloth. I love sloths and i kind of knew that they were much bigger looooooong time ago but also i kind of doubted it. But now i got proof, they were massive! And now i am very sad that i will never have the chance to see a giant sloth. Also i will never see a real dinosaur, which is equally sad. So, the visit to the Natural History Museum was kind of emotionally disturbing for me. Here is a picture of the giant sloth, at least of it’s bones. In the right top corner you can see an up to date sloth (dead though) so you can grasb the dimensions of it.


And craziest thing. I went on a ride with the Big Wheel in Vienna. See, real world can be fun too. For a short while.


Ok, that’s a lot already. I think i will hold on to the secret society thing for a little longer. No, i can’t wait to tell you because it’s amazing. The society is called “The Wander Society” and you can be a part of it too. Keri Smith is the founder of it. Remember her? The reason why i started the journey through the imaginary world in the first place. And the Wander Society is such a wonderful thing. But it’s secret and i am not allowed to tell you more. But i can tell you that you should go and look for it.

But here is Wander Boy


And while i am sending world six packs around the world (i kid you not. I do send them everywhere) i find a lot of old pictures and things (because i add special things to the packs) and i found this one. It’s a picture of me from an installation years ago. Scaring little children.

And did you recognize that we are slowly building a soundtrack for my world?

Today it is…. LORDE! The album HEROINE and my one and only dancing tune WHITE TEETH TEENS.  Have a splendid weekend my imaginary friends. See you soon. Maybe for a beer at the restaurant in world six?