Beloved imaginary friends, old and new (I actually think that my mother stopped reading my blog. I’ll create an imaginary mother i guess)

Almost one year ago i started with exploring my imaginary world. I did weekly explorations and wrote my log here (If you missed out on all the fun, read it HERE) , then felt the need to change the topic here in my journal a bit, now i feel the need to return to my imaginary world. I actually promised to return a while ago and i bet that all my imaginary friends are already lined up at the entry but you don’t have your citizen card with you, do you? In case you want one, it is all explained HERE.

Oh and i really want to mention that my whole exploring is inspired by the book ” The imaginary world of …” by Keri Smith. A lot of the tasks are from this book, some i make i up on my way and i mix and match with ” The Wander Society” ( If you are a member.. Solvitur ambulando my friend. If not, try and look it up and become a member. It’s a lovely secret society)

Let’s talk about sweet dreams now, or more like secret dreams and turning them into reality in my imaginary world.

I have one secret dream (not so secret anymore) which is also my biggest fear; that we can see the thoughts of other people. This might be because i would love to be a mindreader (and sometimes i almost think i am) but also because i sometimes have the feeling that people are looking at me as if the knew that i am secretly dreaming away about having a little restaurant where the cook is directly from the island where the wild things are and Spike Jonze is a regular (sounds too strange? Read HERE ) So, for one day (and for one day only) thoughts will be visible in my imaginary world.

Also i love the snow and in my imaginary world  i would love to have control over snow. All like, being swimmig in summer and wishing for snow; here it is! Romantic walks in the evening. Snow! Cosy evenings at home, how about a little snow outside the window? Snow is always beautiful and i am happy to see it each and every time. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be dangerous to always get what you wish for? Maybe i wouldn’t love snow that much anymore and it is only special because i can’t control it?

Which brings me to my next dream which i am sure, i will never regret having. In my imaginary world we would be able to see our imaginary friends and i would cook for them in my Restaurant. I bet Spike Jonze would approve.

And instead of streets it would all be water. A little like in Venice (Oh Venice my love, when will i see you again?) only wilder so that getting from one spot to the other is a wild ride. Or you would need to learn how to float, if you are too afraid to get carried away. ( I will dream up a school where you will be able to learn how to do it)


Alrighty, see you in my imaginary world!!!