My friends, real and imaginary,

I took a short break after Mama Fortuna’s visit and i slept for weeks in the forest. Safe and sound.

mama fortuna schlafsack

Awake again i want to share with you the pictures of the installation for big old Mama Fortuna. The Mama herself remains a mystery though and what happened with Mama Fortuna stays with Mama Fortuna.







And for the dramatic headline; That was it with Mama Fortuna. She went back into her home in the forest and nobody knows when she will return or if she ever will. Also that was it, at least for now, with the series from my imaginary world. I enjoyed it so much this is why i want to stop before it’s not fun anymore before it’s duty over loving to write it. But i already have new plans and i really hope that you will like them. I’ll post “the new thing” soon. It just needs a little bit more thinking and love but i am sure it will grow and will soon be big and cute enough to get presented to the word, real and imaginary.

Bear with me,



Kissing my girl goodbye

mama fortuna kiss