Letters from the Inside World



–Creature Design




In my project “Letters from the Inside World” I try to establish pen pals between unloved emotions and the people who always carry these emotions with them but try to ignore them. Here I try to see really them. Light them up with a spotlight, give them pen and paper and let them have their say about how they perceive the world. Why they are how they are, why they feel how they feel and why we need them. They write little love letters to people, and maybe this will result in a sympathy that you would never have expected. For our fears, our anger, our doubts, our cravings. The emotions are always allowed to draw themselves in their letters so that we can get an idea of ​​how they look.

This is an ongoing project. So keep your eyes open for emotional pen pals.

Dear Friend,

I know that I am annoying and tiring sometimes and that you would prefer to live without me. But I belong to you, you know that right?

I really think that we should stick together. And believe me, I really don’t want to make your life harder. I am mostly trying to keep you safe and out of harms way.

I want you to be happy you know?

And I am quite certain that there are a few things in life that we can’t survive without. So I need to make sure that we don’t loose them.

Do you think you can trust me on that? You shouldn’t! Trust, I mean. Trust is a dangerous thing. Everything can change within seconds and life is scary. You wouldn’t make it without me.

But I do have the feeling that you are trying to get rid of me? All that therapy and meditating lately? I really beg you not to leave me behind.

What would I be supposed to do without you?

Please keep me! I am afraid of being without you!

Forever yours,


P.S I made this picture of you! To me you are beautiful!