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The name alone sounds promising and so my expectations were really high when we were driving there. It was a super long drive there, so just to warn you; if you plan on driving directly from Gaansbai to Wilderness, be sure to have a lot of fun music with you and/or a person you love…

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XIII – Real life and Adventure


Salve my imaginary friends, So good to be back here with you! I hope you have been exploring world six like crazy!? At least the ones of you who are proud owners of a citizen card. Do you remember when i told you that i would make a drawing of you? And i did! I…

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Part V – Night


“What goes on in the darkness of your world?” Question from the book “The imaginary world of .. ” by Keri Smith. In my imaginary world the night is the much safer time for wandering around and most of the magic shows only at night. But when i wanted to see all the nighty wonders…

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Part II – One Way Street


I am back from my first adventure in my imaginary world. I walked through the door, brave and bold, and discovered the Street behind. If you missed the first step towards my imaginary world, read about it HERE. But before i tell you what i found behind the door i want to talk about those…

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Part I – Welcome to my world


Today is an orientation day. For me as well as for you. (my imaginary friend) If you have no idea what this blog is about, start at the beginning, which means HERE. I started my journey from a small corner of my world, one that i know very well already, a place that i really…

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It is SO incredibly hot here in Vienna and my brain seems to be in slumber mode (or maybe it has melted away for good). But nevertheless i went outside yesterday to take pictures for a new project i am working on. I am working again with the Photograper Ingo Karnicnik and we are again…

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what’s next!?


Dear friends! ( I really hope that there is someone out there, reading my posts. Soon i will ask for proof in form of a Give away contest! So be sure to come back!) Right now i just wanted to make a quick update about what i am up to. There are so many things…

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Now you know my biggest fear (or at least the one i am comfortable with letting you know. If you read PART I ). With this knowledge, let’s move on to Part II of my story, shall we? The sleeping little creature i found run off right after i took the picture, Limathewau tried to…

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Almost exactly one year ago i’ve been at an very old cabin in the deepest woods of Austria to do some research about TheVolk for an austrian magazine called WALD . I’vee been there for four days keeping a daily diary about my adventures. The cabin was without electricity or a real bathroom, so this…

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I already wrote about Nesterval on my old website. They are amazing. They are organizing real life games in the city of vienna, sometimes very dark, very sinister. You should really go and check them out. And if you are in Vienna you should see if a Nestverval adventure is coming up and join, by…

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