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On Doubt


Last year I was lucky enough to be part of a very beautiful project. ( yes, i have been in my imaginary world to see what happened there in the last year.. that’s up next in my journal. Let me only tell you that much; Spike Jonze is still hanging out there) The name of…

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Imaginary snow


Yesterday night in started snowing and it didn’t stop until quite recently, which is actually the best thing that can happen to me. I love snow! Also, when there is snow, my imaginary friends love to show. So i went outside and i brought LimatheWau. Back inside we needed something to make the real world…

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Blind flight characters


Until i figured out where my blog journey will lead us (and i already have a lot of ideas, be ready for them!) i will try to entertain (or bore) you with my life and work. The real life and the real work (well, to be fair, my imaginary world is my real work too)…

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XV – Forest Gallery


Chop chop my imaginary friends, Put on your fancy dress and grab your bottle of Champagne! The Gallery is open since this morning and i don’t know for how long the weather will be as nice as today. I heared  the weekend might not be so splendid, so maybe you want to wander through the…

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XIII – Real life and Adventure


Salve my imaginary friends, So good to be back here with you! I hope you have been exploring world six like crazy!? At least the ones of you who are proud owners of a citizen card. Do you remember when i told you that i would make a drawing of you? And i did! I…

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I promised to write something about Hänsel and Gretel and here goes. It was the last theatre project i was working on. (well, not the last like “the last”. I will definitly create puppets for theatre again) The director was Marie Steiner, who is super smart, super tough and super creative AND she has a…

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On Inspiration and things


Actually i wanted to write a post about Hänsel.Gretel.Finsterwald. It is the puppet theatre show i was working on in the last month and also the thing that kept me so busy that i abandoned my Blog for such a long time. But now i am back and i feel the need to write a…

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day to day routine


I am writing this post with a massive Hangover, it is 10.30 a.m and i haven’t been in the studio yet, actually i am thinking about going back to bed. Just to tell you this at the beginning so you know that i am not as perfect as i will try to make you think…

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With my birthday coming closer and closer and the sideeffect of getting older and older and trying to figure out where i stand, i decided to write about it. To think about the question (and i get this question a lot) “how does one become a puppet artist?” I will try and answer it here…..

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We came back from Berlin a few days ago. Visiting Berlin once a year became a ritual since i participated at the Pictoplasma Academy and totally fell in love with Pictoplasma and what they are doing for Character Design worldwide. If you don’t kow Pictoplasma. Again, GO ! But what was really exciting about the…

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