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Connective dreaming


On my social media accounts i am asking you about dreams (after i have been asking about fear for a very long time and i can’t thank you enough for sharing your fear with me) With dreams i mean everything, the day dreaming, the night dreaming. Dreams you had as child, dreams that are haunting…

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I didn‘t have time to write much lately and i missed it! I missed writing to my imaginary audience and my imaginary friends. It was a really busy time and i am not sure if you know (or if you are even interested) that i am currently not living in Vienna. I left Vienna on…

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Pigeon Love


Everyone who knows me, knows that i have a soft spot, a very soft spot for all kinds of animals. And as with humans, it’s the outsiders that i find most interesting. The ones that are considered odd. In this special animal case, it’s pigeons who won over my heart. I never really cared much…

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On Doubt


Last year I was lucky enough to be part of a very beautiful project. ( yes, i have been in my imaginary world to see what happened there in the last year.. that’s up next in my journal. Let me only tell you that much; Spike Jonze is still hanging out there) The name of…

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Oh my…


I can‘t believe that one year has passed since I wrote my last blog post. I promised myself to never let something like this happen. But I did.. Boy, I think even my mother must have lost faith in me by now. (and what about Spike Jonze? Is he still regularly visiting my restaurant? Does…

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Give to get back


Dear imaginary friends, In my head i can imagine you sitting in front of your computer, sipping tea (or is it beer? I can’t see clearly) and reading my new post with glowing eyes. You wonder; what is she going to share with us today? What adventures did she have in her imaginary world (LOTS!)…

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Take care Gang


I’ve been working on a new gang of friends last year and when i introduced them to the world i decided to add as little information as possible so that everyone can find their own story in their own head and create their own world around them. But now i want to tell you my…

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My imaginary (?) world


I have to confess that i am a challenge type of girl. I love challenges. And i don’t mean the daily life challenges (eventhough they would be enough from time to time). But i am talking about all these online challenges flooding the www around January. I have about four running and by the end…

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I promised to write something about Hänsel and Gretel and here goes. It was the last theatre project i was working on. (well, not the last like “the last”. I will definitly create puppets for theatre again) The director was Marie Steiner, who is super smart, super tough and super creative AND she has a…

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