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Hairy backyard scratcher pt.II


Hello lovely imaginary friends! I want your imaginary skin under my fingers! only if you want it too, of course. But if you want to, contact me! Until September I will be in Carinthia, Austria, enjoying the lake and the sun (hell no, only kidding, I do not enjoy sun. But I do enjoy water)…

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Blind flight characters


Until i figured out where my blog journey will lead us (and i already have a lot of ideas, be ready for them!) i will try to entertain (or bore) you with my life and work. The real life and the real work (well, to be fair, my imaginary world is my real work too)…

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That was it …


My friends, real and imaginary, I took a short break after Mama Fortuna’s visit and i slept for weeks in the forest. Safe and sound. Awake again i want to share with you the pictures of the installation for big old Mama Fortuna. The Mama herself remains a mystery though and what happened with Mama…

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Part IX – Citizen C


HERE IT IS!!! My certificate of citizenship! I am so proud to be now a real citizen of world six. The more i learn about this world the more intrigued i am. I know that i actually wanted to bring my imaginary world challenge to an end middle of march. But i think this will…

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VIII – Dinnertime!


Welcome back my imaginary friends! I hope you are hungry because i am planning on cooking you some real dinner, REAL dinner, not imaginary. But first things first. I promised you a recipe and here it is. In my imaginary restaurant it’s the most ordered meal (you get it when you point at the hot…

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Part VI – World Six


I will jump into the tasks from my last post right away. If you haven’t read it, do it HERE or start at the very beginning HERE. Ok, first task was: Find a name and logo for your world. Tadaaaaaaaa, here it is! And surprise surprise, i named my new world WORLD SIX! Not because…

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It is SO incredibly hot here in Vienna and my brain seems to be in slumber mode (or maybe it has melted away for good). But nevertheless i went outside yesterday to take pictures for a new project i am working on. I am working again with the Photograper Ingo Karnicnik and we are again…

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Now you know my biggest fear (or at least the one i am comfortable with letting you know. If you read PART I ). With this knowledge, let’s move on to Part II of my story, shall we? The sleeping little creature i found run off right after i took the picture, Limathewau tried to…

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