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Personal Wonderland


Dear Imaginary friends, If you ever want to visit Vienna ( i hear that that’s interesting to some people. I’d prefer to move away from here though) i want to introduce you to my favourite place. I will treat this little post like a photo love story, just leaving you here with the pictures to…

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Artificial love


Itˋs me again, secretly typing away on my secret blog on my, well, not so secret, website. But as we all know; blogs are dying, slowly they are more and more forgotten, more like imaginary ideas of typing. So I am positive, that no one is really reading this. Not even my mother so far,…

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On Doubt


Last year I was lucky enough to be part of a very beautiful project. ( yes, i have been in my imaginary world to see what happened there in the last year.. that’s up next in my journal. Let me only tell you that much; Spike Jonze is still hanging out there) The name of…

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Oh my…


I can‘t believe that one year has passed since I wrote my last blog post. I promised myself to never let something like this happen. But I did.. Boy, I think even my mother must have lost faith in me by now. (and what about Spike Jonze? Is he still regularly visiting my restaurant? Does…

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Imaginary snow


Yesterday night in started snowing and it didn’t stop until quite recently, which is actually the best thing that can happen to me. I love snow! Also, when there is snow, my imaginary friends love to show. So i went outside and i brought LimatheWau. Back inside we needed something to make the real world…

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We have to go back!


.. not to the year 2016 though. But back to my imaginary world (and your imaginary world too) But first; HAPPY NEW YEAR. I actually wanted to create a really nice stop motion video for the new year but my studiolight crashed right onto my set and broke into thousand pieces. First i thought about…

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Please, meet Lulu. I found Lulu (back then she wasn’t Lulu though, she was just a naked old puppet. Plus creepy. A naked, creepy, old puppet) on a very bad day, bad for me because i was moody and hungover, big times. I went by bus to go into the city and there it was,…

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Ordinary blog post


Dear imaginary friends, I wrote a lot of imaginary blog posts over the last month, i hope you liked that as much i enjoyed writing them. Now i am back to do some real writing so that our “real” friends, here in the virtual world (does that sound real?) can read my stories too. For…

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Beloved imaginary friends, Discovering the connection between the headless lady and my bellybutton i decided to spend a little more time with my body, and guess who i found?? … let me introduce to you.. my mouthmonster!! And look at this happy face.. It is super active and quite fast with everything. Thinking is no priority,…

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Bellybutton and headless lady


My dear imaginary friend who asked for a story about my bellybutton, here it is… First of all i would like to say that i don’t have the best of relationships with my belly, i bet a lot of people feel the same about their bellies and thinking of it, it makes me sad that…

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